Baby sitter is typically someone who temporarily cares for some one on behalf of the children’s parents baby sitter is responsible for safety & well being of children while in their care.

Nanny is a person who provides that delicate care for your newborn in a family, as a service. Nanny is typically a mommy’s helper who can step in right from the pre-delivery period. They are experienced in taking care of very little ones; be it newborn babies or toddlers You can choose a nanny to serve you for few hours and that person can stay permanently round the clock with mother and baby both.

Pre Delivery Care

Pre Delivery Care usually needs an extra care for mother. There are things still which your gynecologist would have advised that need extra help for the mother. That’s where a nanny can ensure that the instructions are best followed and ensure no compromise in mother’s care.

Post Delivery Care

In this situation, it would be a mother’s helper – as the mother would be at home. A mother’s helper will generally have the same responsibility as a nanny; which can include but are not limited to childcare, light housekeeping, meal preparation, helping mother in breastfeeding, laundry etc.

Working Parents

Leaving your child in a creche may not be an option when you want to re-join your professional life. When your baby is very small, you can best get the arrangement for a nanny to take care at their own home which you are away to your job. In some cases, they can assist you while you officially on ‘work from home’.

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